BEST FRIEND STUDIO | Founder, Researcher, Designer

About: I started as a Graphic Designer concerned with pixel-perfect typography and web design. However, as I started to consult with clients I kept feeling like better solutions existed beyond the pixels. So, I studied the social science behind design (and got to study in the UK!). Surprisingly, the effectiveness of my design solutions depended on how I communicated. If the flow, logic, and intent of the design isn’t clear, it doesn’t matter how perfect the design is.

Nowadays, I have branched off from design to focus on computer-mediated communication. I’m currently investigating if and how user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of internet-based communication technologies, e.g. social media platforms, impacts trust between: long-distance friends; job applicants and recruiters; clients and businesses. For fun, I draw, watch anime and study Korean.

EducationMRes Communication Design, Royal College of Art; BFA Graphic Design + History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Interests: Computer-mediated communication; trust; UI/UX; communication design; digital technologies; internet of things; friendship; technology and society 



DOC 234—34/2

DEUS:   088/26812—81
REX-13: 978-0882681/283
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