Michelle Devlin

Design Researcher | Font Enthusiast

︎Design Research

2022, Noto, Source & Plex Sans Korean.

Thesis titled 본고딕과 플렉스산스 한국어 / Noto, Source & Plex Sans Korean: Searching for intercultural collaboration behind the design process of Korean fonts published by American tech giants. Guided by Dr. Emily Candela of RCA. Read an abridged version of the research here

2020–, Stencil스텐실 book.

Online space for prototyping a book comprised of the historical and cultural research behind my Stencil스텐실 font.

2020, bridge브릿지 references

Assortment of links, articles, and images collected in my process of learning how to speak Korean한국어 & design Hangeul한글.

2019–2021, Q-Haul.

Photos of the letter ‘Q’ captured around grocery stores and the internet.

2018, Video-games...

Literature review titled Video-games: Linking tensions within genre-categorization to stereo-typical representations of gender. Guided by Alero Akproiaye of RISD.

2018, Paradox-Paradise.

Pixel drawings aimed at bridging video-games aesthetics with the phrase ‘war games’ as a way to position my childhood nostalgia within the U.S. militarization of Guam. Guided by Hammett Nurosi of RISD.

2017, BOXES.

Publishing activity which asked friends to respond to a set of symbols through zine-making. Guided by Diane Lee of SJSU.

2016, Apple’s Brand Identity and Exceptionalism.

  Literature review critiques Apple’s subtle expression of exceptionalism through their application of design. Guided by Barbara VonEckardt of RISD.

2015, Tension in the Korean Peninsula.

Journal ponders the political impact of continued militarization in East Asia. Guided by Tom Roberts of RISD.