Michelle Devlin

Design Researcher | Font Enthusiast


2022, Arcadia.

Unconventional, three-style display font family inspired by video-games of the early 21st century. Guided by Graham Bradley, Lynne Yun and James Edmondson of Type West

Image text: In a realm far away in space & time, a Rogue traveller comes upon the ruins of a futured civilization...

2021, Candida.

Decorative, geometric slab serif revival of Candida Antiqua. Guided by Graham Bradley and Kel Troughton of Type West.

Image text: Werecat (written also as were-cat) is an analogy to “werewolf” for a feline therianthropic creatue.

2020–2021, augustine.

Interpretation of 18th-century punchcuttings inspired by minor inconsistencies found in metal type. Guided by Frank E. Blokland of Plantin Instituut voor Typografie

Image text: crystal healing is a pseudo-scientific alternative medicine using semiprecious stones and crystals such as quartz

2020–, Stencil스텐실

A Korean/Hangeul한글, stencil-style display font inspired by the work of Font Designer Laura Meseguer, Font Developer Dr. Ken Lunde, and event branding of ATypI All Over 2020. Guided by Chorong Kim김초롱 of Sandoll.

Image text: 한글 디자인을 배우다 / to learn hangeul design

2020, Ribbon.

Horizontal-contrast sans font inspired by physical & digital ribbons in 3 weights. Guided by Graham Bradley of Type West. 

Image text: For printers and typewriters: Typewriters & dot matrix printers use a cloth or plastic ribbon to hold the ink.

2018–2020, bridge브릿지.

(Latin) 9-style pixel font illustrating the history of cultural assimilation on Guam inspired by the speech Paradox in Paradise.

Image text: Dr. Pedro Cruz Sanchez (29 June 1925–15 August 1987), known as “Doc,” was a prolific educator, historian and public servant who served as President of the University of Guam, and published several landmark books that document Guam’s history.

(Hangeul한글) Exercise in self-teaching the systematic and visual principles of the Korean script through 352 glyph drawings.

Image text: 브릿지 BRIDGE

2017, Canoe.

Humanist serif text font inspired by the book IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation. Guided by Richard Lipton of RISD.

Image text: In the early 1880s, Herman H. Hollerith, an employee at the U.S. Census Bureau, conceived of readable cards with standardized performations to tabulate traits such as nationality, gender...